About Us

The Collection is put together several times a year by Nicole Moja. All pieces are made by hand, using the remarkable skills of traditional Balinese craftsmen who have worked with stones, gold and silver for centuries.

What makes The Moja Jewellery Collection so special is that the pieces are all original works, selected and designed to make a fashionable and artistic statement. They are elegant and suitable for work, day-to-day wear, or for that very special occasion. Nicole has  a real passion for gorgeous, unusual precious & semi-precious stones from every corner of the globe which are set in gold and silver and  appeal to women of all walks of life. All the pieces are guaranteed and of the highest quality.

Exclusive & Personal to you

Nicole takes a very personal interest in matching her pieces to her clientele, many of whom have come to trust and enjoy her taste and judgment.

Since all the pieces in the Moja Jewellery Collection are originals and limited in number they are made available in a very personal way, usually by private invitation to exhibitions or trunk shows held in interesting venues, galleries or stores in the world’s major cities.

The collection can also be found on sale at selected exclusive stores and boutiques in key locations.

Also coming soon an online page where selected pieces will be available for sale.