The Moja Jewellery Collection are all original works, selected and designed to make a fashionable and artistic statement, they include:

  • Latest designs: Our most recent and up to date creations. Inspired by what’s in, on and in the air.
  • Stones and Pearls :  Dazzling stones from all over the globe and pearls to steal your heart.
  • Asian themes :  A modern, artistic interpretation of traditional Oriental themes.
  • Bracelets :  Adorn your arm with something unusual. Classic or edgy, we got it.
  • Rings and Earrings :  Gorgeous rings and earrings to match your jewellery, ours or to wear on their own.
  • Gold :  Precious, timeless and luxurious. To treasure and wear on any occasion.
  • Wedding Rings :  Unusual, modern and forever special, just give us your size.
  • Made to Order :  Want something special? Anything from our website? We can make most pieces for you.